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RockNRoll100fm.coms history:  

RNR100FM got it's start in the Summer of 1988 as a mixtape..

Then in the 1990s it was broadcasted via a mini FM transmitter over my house airwaves. 

in 2002 I briefly broadcast ed it via pirate radio...

in 2009 It finally became a real radio station via as RockNRoll100FM-The Duck! Quack!

Unfortunately due to Live365 shutting down in Jan. 2016 the Duck had to find a new home! Update: Live365 is now owned by new management but Right now I'm not on there! :(

Its current location is now streaming on! 

Summer 1988-2018 will be The Ducks official 30 years as a mix-tape -to- streaming radio station -to- playlist and now as of 2017 a podcast! 

Happy 30 yrs Duck!!! quack!!!!

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